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verena mühling

cinematographer | kamerafrau

working as cinematographer is a great passion and privilege for me. telling stories visually comes with responsibility and a significant curiosity for the human condition, its wants and needs; sensitivity for our surroundings and resources that build the base for my work. i seek beauty and honesty in my creations. my favorite canvas is the sky, which  i can’t paint on my own but i can use as a muse. the deeper i dive into filmmaking, the more i understand that there is no need to obsessively create something new but to re-shape, re-arrange and re-use what our planet and its inhabitants has given us so far: observe and listen – this is how i start and will continue pushing limits of meaning, imagination and wonder.

my path has lead me to a lot of different countries and cultures for work but also for shaping my creative personality. i could develop technical skills in underwater, miniature and aerial filming; growing up in Austria taught me handling on-location shoots and respecting historical sites, while I am also experienced with studio setups, LED-wall and VFX-workflows.  every project requires a differentiated approach and openness to ever evolving innovations as well as knowledge about elaborated and tested techniques – and i am happy to learn, collaborate and team up with like-minded. 

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